On September 20th, a conference titled “Collaboration Between the Lithuanian Green Municipalities Network and Turkey” took place in the Seimas Constitution Hall. The conference was organized by the temporary parliamentary group “Green Municipalities – 2030” in collaboration with the Lithuanian Energy Institute. The event was attended by a delegation from Turkey, members of the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament), coordinators of Green Municipalities, as well as representatives from the fields of science and business.

The Turkish delegation presented examples of best practices from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Other conference participants gave presentations on topics such as green cities, climate neutrality, quarterly renovations, new technologies, and digitization. Additionally, European Union projects and opportunities for municipalities to apply for funding were presented.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is developing a significant strategic document called the “Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate.” It aims to combat climate change, and it is expected that cooperation between the Istanbul Municipality and the Lithuanian Green Municipalities National Network’s climate and environmental experts will contribute to achieving sustainability and climate neutrality goals.

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