In recent years, due to intense demographic changes, the population in many Lithuanian municipalities has been shrinking, the population is  ageing, and it is increasingly difficult for municipalities to ensure the effective and high-quality provision of public services. Taking into account the need to jointly solve the challenges affecting the four municipalities, Jurbarkas, Pagėgiai, Šilalė districts and Tauragė district municipalities joined forces. It implemented the first functional zone initiative in Lithuania Tauragė+, the results of which were discussed at a conference organised by the Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) and the public institution “Žaliasis regionas”.

At the event in Jurbarkas, which brought together representatives of business and the public sector, it was presented how the municipalities of Tauragė region,  to ensure more efficient access to public services that meet the needs of the population for citizens and attract investments after long discussions, prepared and approved a strategy for joint actions in municipal councils, thus forming a functional zone Tauragė+, based on cooperation and partnership.

The event focused on reviewing the experience of cooperation in Tauragė region, discussing the importance of partnership in finding more effective ways to provide public services and sharing the challenges that had to be faced in implementing joint actions of the functional zone.

As part of the strategy of joint actions of the functional zone, a unified public transport system covering the municipalities of Jurbarkas, Pagėgiai, Šilalė and Tauragė districts was created, which makes it possible to travel with one ticket for the same price in all municipalities of the region, an electronic ticket and route planning tools were installed. A joint institution implementing initiatives “Green Region” was established. Thanks to the efforts of all four municipalities, the public transport infrastructure was developed – bus stations in Jurbarkas and Pagėgiai were reconstructed, six electric buses were purchased, and bus routes and schedules were further improved to make communication in the region even more attractive and convenient for both its residents and guests.

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