The Lithuanian Green Municipalities National Network established at the beginning of 2023 is expanding international cooperation. In September, the event organized by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania together with the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul creates unlimited opportunities for cooperation not only with the Municipality of Istanbul, but also with the Municipalities of the whole of Turkey. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing an important strategic document “Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan” for the fight against climate change. It is expected that the cooperation between climate and environmental experts of the Istanbul Municipality and the Lithuanian Green Municipalities National Network will contribute to achieving the goals of sustainability and climate neutrality.

On July, 2023, a cooperation agreement with the Smart City Expo World Congress was also signed, which opens up new opportunities to join the international network of green cities and municipalities. The Smart City Expo World Congress is the world’s largest and most influential urban innovation event. The Congress brings together leaders from the most innovative cities, governments and organizations to move cities toward a better future. While the challenges facing cities remain enormous, a new paradigm is changing urban planning: collaboration, ethical technology, the common good, sensitivity to the environment and human needs are at the center of the agendas of all cities striving for climate neutrality.

Smart City Expo 2023, which will take place in Barcelona from November 7-9, will be the largest event to date and will showcase to the world the smart solutions shaping this new era of smart and green cities – those that are currently helping cities thrive and create safer, greener and more efficient urban spaces. Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Energy Institute dr. Rolandas Urbonas and Romualdas Petraitis, Coordinator of the Lithuanian Green Municipalities National Network, have been invited to participate in the “Smart City Expo” world congress, where they will meet with the organizers of the congress and future partners who will participate in this congress.

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